American Apparel in Peril? L.A Times Thinks So!

Today's Los Angeles Times unwittingly exposes the hypocrisy of the Elite Establishment media when it comes to working-class U.S. citizens.

The piece "Making An Example of American Apparel," laments the fact that the L.A-based textile manufacturer is shedding its ILLEGAL alien employees to the tune of  ONE-FOURTH of its workers.

The L.A Times then goes on to call this bit of good news in a time of 12% unemployment an "imaginary good."  Imaginary to whom?
U.S. citizens who are without work? U.S. citizens who would enjoy working for what the article states are jobs paying $12 an hour plus benefits?

The convoluted logic of the L.A Times is that Obama promised to end raids on workplaces such as American Apparel (a good thing in the eyes of the Times) yet forces companies to obey the law voluntarily, and this will result in the government using funds to support these now unemployed illegals. (!)

The piece complains that this is a "misallocation of resources" and that the illegals will now "need" to go on government assistance and be "driven into poverty and crime."  Hmmmm... any problem with this logic?  They are driven to crime?  Isn't this a racist statement?  Do these illegals have no choice but to commit crime?  Poppycock! Of course, they are not really "driven" to crime.  It's a choice some of them make.  They may need government assistance.  How about if they get it from their home government?  Why must working citizens continue pay for those who break the law? 

Let's ignore facts and basic reasoning skills and say that the Times is right about "driven to poverty and crime."  What about the fact that those are the conditions that the L.A. Times seems to think are just dandy for AMERICAN citizens whose jobs have been stolen by illegals? What about the simple idea of them returning to their home country of origin and seeking to improve/change conditions there? They seem perfectly content to change conditions HERE!

Look at all of the PIOLIN bumper stickers on the backs of trucks/minivans driving 30 miles an hour BELOW the speed limit (in the fast lane) if you need proof. Look at the thousands and thousands of ILLEGAL immigrants PIOLIN was able to rally on MAY DAY (the international communist holiday, a fact the LA times conveniently overlooks)

The Times says that these people are "living in the shadows."  They get free health care (check out any local emergency room), free education, and more freedom than in their home countries.  If they can't afford food and housing, they get those for free too.  All of this is paid for by American struggling to pay their own bills.  The people who are living in the shadows are those Americans deprived of decent jobs, yet unable to find the truth about this situation because of a news blackout.  The elites say that illegals do jobs Americans won't do.  The truth is that illegals do job that the elites wouldn't stoop to do.  Plenty of poor whites, blacks, Hispanics and others would be happy to get a job with American Apparel, or any other company for that matter. Unlike the elites, they would not turn up their noses. 

Los Angeles is turning into a multicultural nightmare as a result of this thoughtless greed on the part of multinational corporations and illegals who "game the system" to the extreme detriment of displaced and underpaid Americans.  The L.A. Times solution is, of course, for "comprehensive immigration reform,"  a codeword for AMNESTY.  Amnesty has been soundly rejected over and over by the American citizenry, who soundly defeated George W. Bush, Juan McCain, and Ted Kennedy's push last year.  Perhaps the L.A. Times should occasionally listen to Americans as well. 

Is this the same newspaper that failed to notice that ACORN gave advice to an alleged pimp to prostitute underage El Salvadorian girls? Where was their compassion then?

I guess the irony of the company being called AMERICAN Apparel is lost on those kindhearted columnists at the LA Times.

What did you think of this article?

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