Veterans Day Dereliction of Duty

This Veterans Day as we remember all who have served we must NEVER FORGET those who BETRAY them- This from a mere two years ago shows us just how fast our managed media has been allowed to throw  treason down the memory hole:

At Fort Hood, Texas, Barack Hussein Obama gave a speech yesterday.  That is pretty much what he does.  He expressed his sense that "this is a time of war."  The words terror, terrorist, or terrorism did not appear on Obama's teleprompter.  The words Islam or Muslim did not appear either


Obama said that the massacre perpetrated by Major Nidal Hasan was "incomprehensible."  No, it was not.   It should have been expected from a person communicating with al Qaeda.  A Christian communicating with Billy Graham or the Pope?  The acts would be unthinkable.  A Muslim communicating with an Imam?  Perfectly foreseeable.


How could this have happened?  Political correctness has killed Americans.  Obama needs to make this clear, but he did not, nor will he.  Why not?


On the day of Major Hasan's terrorist attack on America's soil, Mr. Obama made the announcement by first giving a lighthearted and jovial "shout out" to his comrades in the fight for socialized medicine.  Someone he calls "Joe Medicine" was given a hearty greeting before our Commander in Chief announced the massacre.  Had this been Bush, we would be seeing it on a constant loop narrated by that braying jackass Keith Olbermann.  How many times have you heard about this tactless act?  Somehow our media has shoved this deeply embarrassing moment down the memory hole, but it speaks volumes about Obama's attitude toward our troops. Then again, he is closely linked with Weather Underground domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.  Somehow Katie Couric has forgotten to mention that Bill Ayers wanted to kill US soldiers at Fort Dix in his days as a terrorist.  Luckily, his comrades' incompetence blew themselves up instead of our troops.


Today is Veterans Day, a day set aside to honor those who served our country in the military.  They put their life at risk at the request of our political leaders.  We owe them a debt of gratitude.  Our political leaders owe them:  they owe the veterans, the active duty military, and those who gave their lives (Memorial Day, 25 May) a duty to do everything they can to protect them. 


Incredibly, General George Casey stated that the greatest loss would be to lose "diversity."  What a callous and thoughtless remark to make after 40+ soldiers were wounded and over a dozen killed.  The great tragedy is the deaths of these courageous people. Diversity?  These are the words of a bureaucrat, a man who cares more about advancing his career than the well being of those under his command.  His statement is certain to cause pain to the survivors.

The "diversity" that he speaks of resulted in the promotion of a man who
spoke of "killing infidels" at a medical conference, this while we are war with radical Islam. (I realize that the Obamas do not like the word "terror."  They prefer "man made disaster.") Speaking of Obamacare, do not forget that Major Hasan was a doctor!  Imagine the quality of healthcare professional we will get when the federal government is completely in charge!


How can these things be?  The Left does not accept the world as it is.  They seek to end the world as it is and remake it to their own liking and in their own image.  For Leftists like Michelle and Barack ObamaAmerica is just one nation among many.  It is just as valuable as Paraguay or Laos.  In fact, it is a far darker place because of its insidious history peppered with people like Columbus and Robert E. Lee.  Only after the glorious 1960's were people like the Obamas able to be proud, proud of people like Harvey Milk and H. Rap Brown and Maya Angelou. That old, weird Christian America is something to be erased and forgotten.


According their worldview, Islam is as peaceful as Christianity.  They watched the movie Gandhi and believed that Hinduism is non- violent, not realizing that the Indian was using the tactics of Thoreau and that even today Hindus engage in acts of wanton violence against religious minorities as do Buddhists.  Saudi Arabia and Iran are not hospitable places to either Christians or homosexuals. The worst human rights violations occur when the government is run by atheists (as in the USSR or communist China or National Socialist Germany).  This is simple reality, but it does not conform to the mythology of the Left, so they must spout nonsense about "diversity" and put our brave troops in harms way, even in Texas.


That is a dereliction of duty.



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