Obama Inciting May Day Riots?

Brenda Walker  does an outstanding job of pointing out that it is not "racism" or ignorance that spawned Arizona's law but violence- violence by ILLEGAL aliens against US citizens.

Our managed media seems to believe that murdering policemen  and raping children as well as drunk driving on a massive scale do not warrant  any mention in the news.

It is shocking how fearful the left pretends to be when it comes to flag waving tea partiers but how they themselves contribute to the prospects of a May Day Bloodbath

A major reason for Arizona to legislate tougher tools for police to use against illegal foreigners has been the worsening crime due to open borders. But the corrupt media refuses to use the opportunity to expand on that subject and explain to the public at large that there illegal immigration is not a victimless crime.

The March murder of rancher Robert Krenz on his own land apparently by an illegal alien certainly caused a lot of outrage and fear in southern Arizona. However the liberal media generally has given the killing short shrift if they mention it at all.

There are many Americans injured and dead from violent attacks and automotive crashes that tough border protection and interior enforcement could have prevented.

In 2008, Gilbert high school student Kelly Tracy was killed in an auto collision with a previously arrested illegal alien. The killer, Manuel Contreras-Galdean, had good quality forged documents and police feared being accused of racial profiling if they inquired into his status.

In Chandler, residents were terrorized by a serial child rapist predator for over a year and half. Illegal alien Santana Batiz-Aceves was sentenced to 168 years in prison for six violent attacks, although it is believed he committed many more. The Chandler Rapist worked as a heavy equipment operator despite his prior felonies for drugs and burglary, as well as being deported three times.

In 2007, I wrote about politically correct police leadership that supports the open-borders agenda while officers were being killed by illegal aliens: The Thin Blue Line Is Compromised at the Top. Among the officers killed were two from Arizona, Mark Atkinson of the Phoenix PD and Kenneth Collings also of Phoenix.

Other Arizona police murdered by illegal aliens since that time include Nick Erfle and Shane Figuroa.

We shouldn’t forget other flavors of crime amped up by Mexican thugs rampaging at will, such as Arizona’s rampant car theft, and Phoenix’s title of the kidnapping capital of the United States.

Worsening crime committed by uninvited foreigners has become part and parcel of life in Arizona today — the backstory which should be told by the media to explain why Arizonans believe they have put up with enough.

Instead, the press has engaged in a racial trash-talking contest, where liberals demonstrate their anti-racist cred, and compete for being the furthest left, such as Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, who began a recent op-ed (Arizona’s new immigration law is an act of vengeance), “Arizona’s draconian new immigration law is an abomination — racist, arbitrary, oppressive, mean-spirited, unjust.”

More reckless still are Democratic pols, who seek to portray conservative Arizona as a racist backwater. They will try anything to tear down the opposition to the Obama’s socialist agenda, which faces a rough election in November. Even though 60 percent of Americans favor letting local police stop and check for immigration status, the Democrats soldier on, because they have few cards to play.

Exhibit A is the Democrat mayor of Phoenix, Phil Gordon, who authored an opinion piece for the Washington Post. The trick was to characterize Arizonans as racist, without infuriating his constituents, so he focused Alinski-style abuse on the out-front leaders, Sen. Russell Pearce and Sheriff Joe Arpaio:

Not in my state: Anti-immigration law doesn’t reflect the beliefs of Arizona’s people, April 24, 2010

As an immigration bill that nationally embarrasses Arizona becomes bad law, our best hope in my hometown is that the rest of America doesn’t do to Arizona what Senate Bill 1070 requires our police officers to do to people with brown skin: “profile” them based on stereotypes and insufficient information.

Arizona is not a state seething with hatred, eager to trample the civil rights of residents in haphazard pursuit of illegal immigrants. Nor are most Arizonans bigots eager to drag our state back to the 1980s, when Gov. Evan Mecham’s absurd behavior made our home a national laughingstock.

Our state is frustrated. We have become ground zero in the battle over illegal immigration because of years of lapsed federal border security. This week that frustration exploded, thanks to hateful political opportunists such as state Sen. Russell Pearce, the author of the legislation, and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is already under investigation by the federal Justice Department for alleged violations of civil rights.

Pearce and Arpaio — two men who are to Arizona law enforcement what George Wallace was to Alabama government care less about capturing human smugglers and drug cartel gunmen than they do about capturing headlines. And in a state with a far-right legislature that is increasingly out of step with an increasingly moderate population, they’re also out of step with the rules of basic civility.

Woods’ crass demagoguery is an ugly exercise in race politics. Worse, it’s dangerous. These liberals are playing with fire, as the semi-riot in Phoenix the day of the bill signing indicated (see video below).

The illegal Mexicans et al have been told for so long that it’s their right to rip off this country at will that many are furious at being thwarted. Corrupt partisans shouldn’t be egging them on for political gain when widespread violence is quite possible. Saturday is May Day, and riots could easily result because pandering politicians and media are painting illegal aliens as victims rather than as the lawbreakers they are.


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  • 4/29/2010 8:48 AM Rambo wrote:
    Let's see the Liberal propaganda outlets (I can't seriously call them media outlets anymore) says that Fox news and Sara Palin are whipping the Tea Party into a hateful dangerous frenzy. Then they go on the air and run skewed, hateful, disingenous story after story actually whipping illegal aliens and Obamamites into an actual hateful and violent frenzy and how Arizona only decided to finally start enforcing the law just because they are a bunch of haters and bigots not because they are sinking under all the crime. - I don't know whether to laugh or cry at what has happened to the corrupt liberal media.
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    1. 4/29/2010 10:50 AM elvisnixon.com wrote:
      Good Point!

      Any honest person can see the blatant double standard.

      Tea Party members are smeared and the memory of the atheist Timothy McVeigh from a DECADE ago is dredged up to "prove" that Tea Party Evangelicals is a bunch of thugs?

      The illegal immigrants are usually uneducated/ignorant people who are easy to whip into a frenzy.

      Mexico has absolutely NO history comparable to our own Founding Fathers. ALL of Mexicos revolutionary "heroes" were murdered by each other and opposition parties.100% were murdered.

      Obama and the liberal media are engaging in a very dangerous campaign by framing this controversy in this manner
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