Mexican Bruins Stab Fans: LA Times Blames Alcohol

Last Night an illegal alien named Arturo Cisneros stabbed a man multiple times in the tradition of Mexican violence.

The use of the "Tijuana toothpick" (a switchblade knife) by Cisneros is an example of the "jobs Americans just won't do." 

The Los Angeles Times failed to describe his immigration status and called for a crackdown on tailgate parties at the Rose Bowl.

How is it that prior to California becoming "Mexifornia," families were able to celebrate the rivalry of the two Los Angeles area college teams for 80 years without this type of south of the border stupidity?

This is what Obama and John McCain have planned for the rest of the nation with their DREAM Act and other treasonous ploys.

The UC Schools promote resentment and hatred towards gringos and allow illegal aliens in-state tuition and preferences over US citizens.  The multiple attacks and gang-type violence that is ever present in Mexican "culture" is the consequence of not enforcing our immigration laws.


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