Memorial Day Memory Hole

This Memorial Day, as we honor the fallen, let us not forgot those murdered on U.S. soil by jihadi  terrorist Nidal Hasan.

Mr. Hasan, a muslim, went on a killing spree at Ft Hood, Texas. 

His victims have been thrown down the memory hole of our mainstream media.

He doesn't fit their narrow minded, bigoted narrative.

Had Hasan been a TEA Party member and/or an Evangelical Christian, his name would become a byword on the nightly news for bigotry, extremism and intolerance.

Our media mindlessly repeat the cant  "Diversity is Strength,"

Mr. Nidal Hasan proved their asinine assertion false.

That is why you are not hearing about him and his innocent victims this Memorial Day.

Remember those families who lost loved ones to political correctness.


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  • 5/30/2012 5:48 AM MM from Georgia wrote:
    The media left figures Americans have short memory spans and walk away from stories that do not fit, as Elvis points out. They did the same for the Soviet KAL Massacre of Sept. 1, 1983 and many other events. You'll notice each Sept. 1 little or no mention of this atrocity. Mass killers are the good boys to the left.
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