DREAM Act: Stealth Jihad

Radical Islam is terrible. Those who practice it and promote must NEVER be allowed into the USA.

Rick Perry would grant them citizenship and give their children special DREAM Act advantages over Jewish and Christian children of US Citizens- all they need to do is enter ILLEGALLY

Why no media indictment of Perry and Obama’s Open Borders TREASON?

Open Borders ALLOWS TERRORISTS into America

The 9/11 terrorists were ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS

The DREAM Act can not legally be limited to just illegal aliens from Mexico,Guatemala and others who our media seem to believe will behave in a passive manner and assimilate into English speaking culture.The DREAM Act,by law,must extend to the offspring of anyone who comes into our country illegally.

 It is a magnet to jihadis from Pakistan and Iran who easily sneak across the Rio Grande .

A US citizen can be killed fighting muslim terrorists in Iraq or Afghanistan and the children of  muslim who killed him will receive preference over the American's children.

This is the inescapable logic of Obama,Rick Perry and California Governor Jerry Brown's DREAM Act treachery.


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