Why Does Obama Hate Hungary?

Charles A. Coloumbe writing at TakiMag reveals a horrifying example of how Obama has positioned America against Christianity, Natural Marriage and Western Civilization. 

Is this what America's soldiers are dying to defend? It is reminiscent of the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"- it seems as if an evil, alien force is running the body called "The United States"- Read the following and see if you agree:

"All of the chatter about the euro obscures another important news item out of the mother continent: the reaction in Europe and the United States to the new Hungarian Constitution which took effect January 1. The brainchild of the ruling conservative Fidesz Party, the document replaces the 1949 communist-era one. The uproar has been tremendous.

Part of the negative reaction stems from Hungary’s neighbors and is rooted in the region’s convoluted history. The 1920 Treaty of Trianon which ended Hungary’s role in World War I reduced the prewar Kingdom of Hungary to a fragment encompassing the country’s central (and overwhelmingly Magyar) core. Large Magyar minorities became part of successor states such as Yugoslavia, Romania, and Czechoslovakia. For the Hungarians this was a mutilation of their homeland involving the separation of thousands of their compatriots from the motherland. For the former minorities it was liberation from the Magyar yoke. These opposing narratives resemble the Anglo-Irish, Serbo-Croatian, and Russo-Polish disputes. They arouse intense passions among the participants but are difficult for outsiders to comprehend.

“What if Hungary succeeds in saving herself culturally and demographically and her neighbors follow her lead?”

For Hungary’s neighbors, Magyar irredentism has been a great fear since 1920, partly borne out by Hungary’s temporary expansion as a German ally in World War II. To these people, the fact that the new constitution makes all Magyars outside of Hungary eligible for citizenship and voting seems to indicate a desire to retake the lost territories. For many or most of the Hungarians themselves, the name change simply reflects a desire to reject the communist era. The constitution’s “right of return” merely emulates that granted by many other countries to descendants of their citizens abroad.

That prince of faceless bureaucrats, former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, worked himself up into a rare emotional lather over it. Hillary Clinton condemned it on behalf of you and me. As the Hunsor Observer puts it:

The gravest crime Orban’s government is accused of is cultural and religious. In the preamble to the Constitution or “Basic Law,” there is mention made of God. Still worse, it makes reference to Christianity in particular as part of Hungary’s heritage. Furthermore, the Constitution defines marriage as “the union of a man and a woman established by voluntary decision” and “protects the institution of family as the foundation of the subsistence of the nation”; even goes so far as to state that “the life of the fetus shall be protected from the moment of conception.” It is here that Hungary’s government crossed the “red line” of what may be tolerated in modern Europe.

Or in modern America. Why would the rulers of today’s world care about public Christianity, heterosexual marriage, and freedom from infanticide in one small European backwater? Because they always fear a return of the ancien régime, no matter how inconspicuous it may appear. And given the Hungarian government’s two-thirds majority, it apparently represents the views of their countrymen.

While Hungarians have a tortured historical relationship with their neighbors, they resemble them in many ways. There are many—perhaps a majority of—Slovaks, Poles, Slovenes, Croats, and others who would agree with the constitution’s social provisions. Therein lies the danger for the moral munchkins in Brussels and Washington. Eastern European national identities are supposed to be slowly eroded through EU membership. But what if Hungary succeeds in saving herself culturally and demographically and her neighbors follow her lead? What if she ceases to be a bugbear to her former subjects and becomes an inspiration?

The results could be terrible. Success of such a project could inspire similarly inclined minorities in every country of Europe. Such a Europe would annoy the current leaders in Brussels and Washington to no end.

Upsetting as all this may be to our rulership, it is by far the best possible outcome for us. If the nations of Europe do not reclaim their past and safeguard their future—which is what the Hungarian Constitution and the views of likeminded Europeans around the continent is about—then only two futures remain. Either—as Pat Buchanan and sundry others have predicted—our nations of origin will be under sharia law in a century or less, or else their desperate denizens will turn for protection to new leadership with the will to resist creeping Islamization. Such leadership will inevitably be what our pundits are pleased to call neofascists. Neither Islam nor neofascism would bode well for the USA."



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