GOP Sheep to Slaughter?

Mitt Romney had no sooner conceded the election to President Obama than leftists of both parties sent up the predictable sighs:  The Republican Party had forfeited the election by alienating the Latino vote.  It is time for the Grand Old Party to change course on immigration and join the President in his campaign to give amnesty to illegal aliens and increase the flow of Mexicans into the United States.  The Marxist chorus in the Democratic Party was joined by a Republican glee club led by House Speaker John Boehner, GOP bigwig Haley Barbour, and radio mouthpiece Sean Hannity.

The only thing surprising about these opinions is that anyone felt it necessary to proclaim the obvious--and with such fanfare.  It is as if Messers Boehner and Barbour, preceded by ten pipers piping and eleven lords aleaping, declared the sun was rising in the East and would, by the end of the day, set in the West.

 How, my naive friends, can Republicans--self-proclaimed conservatives as they are--do an about-face on a fundamental plank in the conservative platform?  When have conservatives, British or American, done anything else?

Of course, the change of position is purely rhetorical.  GOP leaders have always favored open borders and opposed crackdowns even on illegal immigrants.  They cannot say so, usually, but they have worked hand-in-glove with their mirror-images on the farther left to bring about the demographic revolution that has made conservative ideology about as relevant to the American political scene as a debate over the insertion of filioque into the Nicene Creed.  Naturally, there are philosophers, antiquarians, and honest men who want to know the truth about the Creed or the American future, but their convictions would gain no traction in the slime-pit of American politics.

Republican leaders have been gulling conservative voters for decades, and not just on immigration.  Every four years they proclaim the sacredness of life, only to abandon any effort to restrict abortion, once they are in office.  Conservatives, who are for the most part naive, uneducated, and irrational, are only to eager to believe whatever lies they are told by the Bushes, Gingriches, and Boehners. That is the part they have been assigned to play in America's political theater.   As Eli Wallach asked, famously, in The Magnificent Seven, "If God did not want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep." .. 

Thomas Fleming


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