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File under "Best Comment Ever":

"When will the GOP get it? Are these morons in Washington stuck in a bubble where they only talk to each other and their liberal-in-disguise consultants? Hey stupid, you give amnesty and the Republican party will be a permanent minority party for eternity. Look at California, a state that once elected Ronald Reagan as its governor. Now look at it! LOOK AT IT!!!!!! Democrats have a super majority in that state now and it's going bankrupt. You jackasses go down the path of amnesty and you will become the next Whig party that you once replaced. Also, you ....need to realize that hispanics don't (care) about amnesty. It's at the bottom of the list of concerns for them. You want proof. Here it is.

In 1984, Ronald Reagan wins in a landslide, and in '84 Reagan
got 37% of the Hispanic vote. Two years later, Reagan signed into law amnesty for three million illegals, called Simpson-Mazzoli. And in two more years, George H. W. Bush only gets 30% of the Hispanic vote. Here's a clue. Illiterate impoverished people vote for handouts which they know they'll get from Democrats. This is the same reason why single women like that whore Sandra Fluke, minorities, poor people, lazy morons, and blacks vote Democrat.

It's time for conservatives and people who have to wake up early in the morning to earn a paycheck purge the statists from the Republican party or form a new party."


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