WHY Is Obama Deporting White Folks Only?

"...Georgia College student faces deportation to England on 21st birthday, leaving family behindby Rodney Manley, Macon Telegraph, September 30, 2012

As VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow noted nearly eighteen years ago in his book Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration DisasterUS immigration law is "enforced against those who obey the law".

For more articles on Lauren Bell, see: 

The Lauren Bell story sounds made to order for our Main Stream Media, doesn’t it?

Well, apparently not. The articles linked to above are merely local. They don’t compare to the nonstop national sob-story propaganda about the illegal alien “Dreamers.”

Just a thought experiment: If Lauren Bell were Mexican and not English, would she not get a lot more sympathy from the MSM?

Here’s another hypothetical question. What if Anglo-Americansrallied to her cause based on shared ethnicity? (I speak here as an Anglo-American whose family traces back to Virginia in the 1600s—married to a Mexican). Wouldn’t they be called “racists”?

So why aren’t Hispanic activists called racists when they agitate for amnesty and more Mexican immigration?

And, since we’re talking about taboo subjects: how about comparing Mexican immigration with British immigration?

I mean—since the topic came up….

  • About half of Mexican immigrants (49.9%) speak English “Not Well or At All.” Some 98.8% of UK immigrants speak “Only English or Very Well”.
  • Mexican immigrants have a 30.1% poverty rate. Immigrants from the UK have a 5.6% poverty rate.
  • As of 2010, an overwhelming 54% of Mexican immigrants did not have health insurance versus only 9.5% of UK immigrants.
  • Some 57.4%, of Mexican immigrants are on welfare, versus 6.2% of British immigrants.  

Breaking that into specific forms of welfare:

  • 45.3% of Mexican immigrants are receiving food assistance, versus only 3.5% of UK immigrants.
  • 44.7% of Mexican immigrants receive Medicaid, vs. only 5.3% of British immigrants get it.

[Source: Immigrants in the United States:  A Profile of America's Foreign-Born Population Center For Immigration Studies]

If we absolutely have to have immigrants (I don’t believe we do, but our rulers think we do) then shouldn’t we be selecting immigrants who already speak the language?

And who will be less of a drain on our government budget?

Why is the Obama Administration kicking Lauren Bell out—and allowing millions of illegal aliens to remain?"

Allan Wall


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  • 12/3/2012 2:57 PM Nixonfan wrote:
    Ms Bell must be deported because if she is allowed to stay she may get a divers license and vote Republican.
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  • 12/3/2012 10:22 PM SheepDogVet wrote:
    1. ...And some people think the govt must do healthcare too? Just look how badly it is working in this immigration situation, time tested as it is.
    2. Perhaps her situation will improve once she actually becomes illegal, but she'll need to change her last name and country of origin to qualify.
    3. Do like many others do already now, "marry" an American.
    4. This total lack of common sense, travesty of justice, continues.
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