The bad, disgusting, disgraceful news...and Obama Orcs

"...The bad, disgusting, disgraceful news, of course: the failure of the Washington DC-based Republican Establishment, and the whole parasitical panoply of campaign consultants, lobbyists, media mouthpieces, think-tanks etc. that calls "Conservatism Inc.," to capitalize on the heroic grassroots-driven Tea Party rebound in 2010-and defeat President Barack Obama in 2012.


Despite spending over $1 billion. ..calculations suggest that Bush courtier/ campaign consultant/ immigration enthusiast Karl Rove may have made as much as $45 million in this election cycle. 



In fact, Election 2012 provides one perfect example of why ideas and issues are more important than money: Montana's Legislative Referendum 121, which restricted illegal immigrant use of taxpayer-funded programs-think California's Prop 187 or Arizona's Prop. 200-won an overwhelming 80%-20% victory. Meanwhile, the GOP lost almost all Montana statewide races...

So how bad is the situation that immigration patriots face in the wake of the Obama re-election?

It’s bad. We will certainly have to fight another bitter battle, as in 2006, 2007 and 2008, over amnestying 12-20 million illegal immigrants (aka undocumented Democrats).

But now we know we can win—by mobilizing the grassroots...

"We come to it at last, the great battle of our time."

Like everyone else in the patriotic immigration reform movement, I feel a little like Gandalf, the good White Wizard, who makes this comment while calmly watching the war clouds gathering over the evil land of Mordor at the climax of The Return Of The King…The Orcs are really marshaling out there, after Barack Obama's defeat of John McCain in the presidential race (being ultra-pro-immigration didn't help him, as we repeatedly predicted) combined with the Democrats' near-veto-proof Congressional majorities. 

But (to my and everyone else’s surprise) the Obama Orcs never even introduced an Amnesty bill. They had enough problems with ObamaCare.

And they were scared off because they remembered the grassroots uprisings that routed George W. Bush’s Amnesty drives in 2006 and 2007. The Tea Party backlash was sufficiently alarming to Obama as it was. (He has been sneaking stuff through via unconstitutional executive decree, but that’s another story).

Well, that was then. Now, however, I believe Obama and his Orcs will indeed introduce an Amnesty bill—to lock in the election of a new people.

And also because they think the Republicans are so shell-shocked by the 2012 election results that they can be stampeded into voting for their own (and America’s) extinction.,,,"


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