Will Mexico Defeat America?

You cannot have avoided the current wall-to-wall Rah-Rah Main Stream Media “reporting” about how the Obama Administration is about to launch a drive to amnesty the 12-20 million illegal aliens—a.k.a. undocumented Democrats—now thought to be in the country. (Nobody knows the real number, but the experience of every single previous amnesty is that it will be larger than its proponents claim).

There’s absolutely nothing surprising about this.  VDARE.com repeatedly predicted that exactly the same Amnesty drive would occur if GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney had been elected. Apparently unnoticed but everyone except us, he actually said in the October 16 Hofstra University “I’ll get it done. I’ll get it done. First year…” Of course, the rationale would then have been Republican-triumphalist rather than Democratic-triumphalist.

The common thread: money. The Treason Lobby—Cheap Labor addicts and their Big Labor, Big Religion, and Big Ethnic allies/ clients—always intended to finance and provide political cover for a drive for Amnesty (and if possible an increase in skilled immigration) after the 2012 Election.

It appears that not just the liberals, but all of Establishment Right —what VDARE.com calls Conservatism Inc.—will be lined up at the trough wagging their tails.

One thing has been made clear by the flagrant looting of the billion-dollar Romney campaign by parasitical campaign consultants: American politics are now in a new “Gilded Age”—the name given to the post-Civil War Era, when Robber Barons were popularly supposed to have bought the political process.

Only now the money goes to the operatives, not the politicians (who increasingly seem to be rich marks, encouraged to run and spend their fortunes by self-interested courtier-consultants).

And I include in that the “conservative” magazines. (Similarly, in 2008 a Leftist journalist confided in me that the main liberal magazines had simply been bribed to support Obama by his lavishly-funded campaign).

But note: this Amnesty drive is always referred to as “Immigration Reform.”

That’s a sign of the Treason Lobby’s underlying weakness. What it is trying to do us fantastically unpopular with ordinary Americans. So the Treason Lobby has to lie about it.

Money can’t buy you everything in politics. (Ask Mitt Romney). The Bush Amnesty drives in 2006 and 2007 were defeated by uprisings of ordinary Americans at the grass-roots. Obama was so intimidated that he shrank from bringing up Amnesty in 2009-2010, despite controlling Congress—and despite his professional Hispanic allies’ bone-headed aggressive arrogance.

Ideas have defeated the Treason Lobby before. And they can again.

But only if grass roots America is informed, armed with facts and analyses, and inspired.



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